28 October 2014

Welpen Party

On Sunday our Beardie “Aunties” where invited for the Brown Beardie Puppy Party with Coffee and Cake. It was a very relaxed atmosphere that afternoon and appreciated by our 4 week old puppies, seen the enormous amount of hugs they received and fell asleep. We have made some nice pictures.

From left to right sitting on the bench: Peggy Jeurissen, Wilma van Crooij, Inge Schreurs and proud mama “Smokey (Ch. Firstprizebears Gunsmoke)
Staand: Xander Schouren-Pijls, Eef Martens and the hostess. The host was sitting behind the camera and taking care of our ladies with lots of coffee.

2014-10-26 15.53.34-2

We received a beautiful gift, a basket full of heath with lights, dog coockies for Smokey and little snacks for the puppies.

baby borrel presentkorb

for the first time the puppies where outside in the large wide world.  2014-10-26 15.57.04

finally everybody went into the living for coffee and cake 2014-10-26 16.08.23

Smokey enjoys the moment together with her puppies in the basket.   2014-10-26 16.10.50

later on Smokey had to give up her place to “Aunt” Eef

Baby Borrel Eef Maandje

With so many hugs a nice moment to fall asleep on “Aunt”Wilma’s lap Foto 5

totally relaxed

babyborrel koma

In the mean time it had gotten dark outside, the wonderful cake from our favorite Backery in Susteren was eaten and all the coffe had been drunken. Time to say farewell to our guests. It was a very nice afternoon.