2 November 2014

Our puppies are now 5 weeks old

Sunday we had a foto shooting day again, with 5 weeks. These puppies are so quiet and harmonious, that I have lot of joy from the 5 funny brown teddy bears. From week 4 onward they had decided, that they finally wanted to have some decent food. In the mean time, 3x Earthborn puppyfood and 1x1pound of  mined meat are brought to a certain temperature. Off course the minced meat is gone in no time. Only with the soaked puppyfood they take their time. The rest is eaten by mama Smokey with lots of pleasure. The also known wurm cure they have had in. Two days ago they discovered the hatch to go outside and they are very excited that you can get out there. The puppy visitors are hugging and spoiling them alot. Off course our “Pommetje”, the lady girl, is enchanting everyone with her charm. Also the names are known: Nassaubeach for “Pommetje” and the boys will be called: Navaho, Nebraska, Nashville II and Napantoch.

They have helped me with cleaning.

5 weeks pups smokey lorne

than the big world has to be explored and the big dogs have to be saluted.   SAM_0145

the other are still a little uncertain.

5 Wochen welpen smokey Lorne 1

Number 5 want to explore a different, new way, being the hatch to get outside.   SAM_0150

well….. I rather stay inside.

5 Welpen Smokey Lorne 2

everything clean. Ideal to get some rest after such a trip and hold your afternoon nap.   5 Wochen Welpen Smokey Lonre 3

After the nap, the pictures have to be made. Now I can still hold all of them.   SAM_0152

and Harry? He is very suitable, to be used as a climbing frame.

5 Wochen Welpen Smokey Loren harry

all are having fun.

5 Wochen Welpen Smokey Lorne Harry 2