As you already know, I love shows and showing. The Beardies have changed dramaticly in the last 15 years. We see more and more the so called “Yorkshire-Terrier-Type”. Much to short in body, miney movement with short steps and hair as long as a York, but also wooly like a Teddybeer. Very often you see champions were you can’t believe that they has ever won something. The entryfigure are very low here in the Benelux, 20 up to 30 is normal. I remember that in the class at Crufts in 2005 were I won with Apache, we had 38 males in Openclass and over 320 Beardies in total.

We’ll never change our type of Beardies. We want the 4:5 bodysize Beardies with the effortless long reaching movement and the wonderful real Beardie temperament. This is the reason why we still travelling around Europe and visit many shows.