15 October 2014

2 weeks old

Our Sunday Children where 2 weeks old last sunday. In the meantime, their eyes are open and so are their ears. They react on sounds and start barking regulary. I think that the puppies don’t even know why they bark, but also that they don’t know that they can. It was time for the first worm cure and that was, as usual, not liked at all. They don’t do much. it is to say, besides drinking alot and sleeping not much. What they can is walking and coordinating their 4 little legs. Not quite as it should, but it walks. Tomorrow the 5 brown bears will get their first steady meal served. I am curious to see how they will react to that and how hungry they are.

our 4 males

2 weeks 4 boys heads

and the Boygroup again.

2 weeks 4 malepuppies

our pretty one; the girl.

2 weeks girls head2

also from the side: beautiful

2 weeks girls head

The warmwater bottle alias Teddy Bear remains brilliant and is ideal for an afternoon nap.

2 weeks special place

this is also a good sleeping position.

2 weeks boy sleeping on teddy

they all want to lay down on the Teddybear, but that is a matter of squeezing.

2 weeks 3 puppies sleeping