Donna Summer kissing with Conny

Our daily life

Our daily life is ran by the needs of our dogs. This means that, 365 days per year there is NO sleeping in! Getting up between 07.00 an 07.30. In fact, always going to bed to late, actually not or never before midnight.

Doro and Norman live in the house. Anna, Sonja, Lilou and Ocean are in the house during the day. At night they sleep in the dog house Depending on the weather, but especially during nice weather, all of them want to go out. Some, part of the hardcore group, want to stay outside, even during snow and ice…….

Winter in Almkerk

We keep between 6 and 10 dogs, of which 6 or 7 own and the rest are visitors.

From left to right: Merlin, Texas, his sister Bandita and Texas daughter Ukkie

Since the world’s most horrible pathological narcissist left us in August 2015 without any warning, my life has been a nightmare.

But life was kind to me and in February 2016 I met the love of my life, Paul Roeland. We have been married since 2018. Paul helps me a LOT with the dogs and has taken over the breakfast ritual at 9 a.m.



Since 2007 we live in the wonderfull Maaseik, the dogs have fun and can run over 3600 m2.