About Firstprizebears

The name Firstprizebears is the result of an idiotic idea and which we found whilst searching for the most perfect Kennelname. We didn’t want to use our already famous Kennelname we used for Bobtails.

Here are the details we have combined:

  • First prize also means Excellent in Scandinavian shows.
  • First prize is what we hope to win every time.
  • First prize (price), because our puppies where the most expensive in those days in the Netherlands.
  • Bears is an American name for a team, like f.i. Chicago Bears etc.

After we had written all of this on a piece of paper, we knew: This is the perfect name for our Beardies.

About Firstprizebears

Since 2007 we live in the wonderfull Maaseik, the dogs have fun and can run over 3600 m2.