22 October 2014

3 weeks old

It is good-humored bunch and our puppies are doing fine. On sunday they where 3 weeks old, are satisfied and don’t want to eat yet. I have tried to feed them every day, but they don’t want to except this at this moment. Mother Smokey’s milk is more than sufficient for them. Today, Tuesday, they moved from whelping box to the much larger puppy kennel. This was very interesting for them and they investigated the larger space immediately. Smokey can go to her puppies at all times. She is living directly next door to them. Once per day, the whelping box needs to be cleaned and than all the puppies have to wait in a small box until everything is cleaned.

(pictures with 2,5 weeks)

2,5 weeks waiting

finally everything is cleaned and refreshed again.

2,5 weeks clean whelpingbox

all are sleeping peacefully

2,5 weeks sleeping time

a special place.

3 weeks sleeping behind cuddledog

one gets a little bit extra attention from Harry.

3 weeks Harry enjoy the puppies

The pictures of Sunday, made with 3 weeks. The 4 males.

3 weeks 4 boys

our little princess

3 weeks girl in egg 1

All 5. At the utmost right our princess.

3 weeks 5 puppies plate

off course are girls more photo genetic than the males. She will become a model one day….

3 weeks girl alone 1

simply said amazing, our “Nassaubeach”

3 weeks girl in egg 2