25 February 2013

Summer’s puppies, 8 weeks old

The puppies from Summer and Lasse where 8 weeks old yesterday. Saturday and Sunday, 4 of them have left the elderly home. Two other will move somewhere during the next week. trike” will stay with us for the next 10 moths, until he starts his enormous journey to “Down Under” and until that time, “Lana” will keep him company. Now we only have to find a new owner for “Lance Bass”, the tri-color and for “Lisa-Marie”, the beauty and special one.

In the mean time, two people are interested in “Lance” and during the upcoming days we will know more. With “Lisa-Marie”, we have no hurry finding new owners, because I do not like to say goodbye to her and I do not have any problems with the fact that she stays longer.

Sunday, it was impossible to make nice photo’s. It continuously snowed! The puppies have been playing outside in the snow and came back  in afterwards, soaking wet, tired and ready to go for a sleep. Off course picture have been made of this event. By the way, Friday we had our “weigh and worm cure day”. Most of the puppies weigh around 4000 grams now.

Tomorrow, Eef Martens will visit and are we going to try and place our beauties in to the perfect light.

Clean and dry, the puppies before they went out and played in the snow.

alle before-the-snow

After having played outside, intensively, for approximately 20 minutes, they all came back in very nicely and all sought, that means 15 Beardies and 2 OES puppies, a place to sleep. On this picture you can see 11 of them.


on the other side lay the other 4.


the loved chair was over crowded.


“Lance Bass” and “Michigan” just before snoozing.


“Monty” (Montgomery) had already fallen a sleep quietly.