4 February 2013

Summer’s puppies 5 weeks old

I have a very stressful weekend behind me. On Saturday, the show in Eindhoven/NL and on Sunday the Show of Luxemburg….. After Eef Martens and I had come back from Eindhoven, Eef was so kind to help me with making pictures of the puppies. Sunday night, after I had returned from Luxemburg, I had to edit all the beautiful made pictures. Yes and today, Monday, I finally have the time to write a weekly story about the puppies. The grown so fast, that you can see them growing! Today, Monday, the first puppy discovered that you can get through the hatch to get outside. Since a couple of days they were busy with the hatch, smelled at it and pushed against it with their nose. All in all brave, but that is where their bravery stopped. They just need some time. I love the puppies from Summer and Lasse. The are so cute and all of them have this “hart-pain-look” that makes you melt. I could spent all the time in the world with them, sit with them and hug them. Daisy was watching the dogs and her 5 year old daughter Haily has spoiled them with all the love in the world, including the puppies from Smokey. For one bitch we are still searching a wonderful family, who is looking for something special. It is a little beauty with a perfect character, balanced, easy going and simply said remarkable. Besides her, our “Lance Bass” is also available. He inherited the Tan-markings from his famous Grandmother “Firstprizebears Z’Tampa”.

the 6 males: Lucky Luke (the blue one), Lucky Strike, Letterman, Levi Strauss, Lance Bass and Luke Perry (who wanted to leave)

Summer 5 weeks 6 males puppies

The 5 week old girls: Lara Croft, Lsa Marie Evans, Lana del Rey and Leona Lewis (Sterre, who belongs to Karin)


Making pictures is boring. If you want to become a real Beardie you have to go on a discovery tour.


he wants to become very smart and is reading books.


Pictures made and on transport. A basket full of Beardie children.


this is “Lara Croft”, who is still available. She is a champ in kissing.

Summer Lara Croft Kissing

Summer 5 weeks Lara Croft

and “Lance Bass”

Summer 5 weeks Lance Bass sit