19 February 2013

Summers puppies 7 weeks old

Sunday, wonderful weather, cold, but Sunny! Ideal to go with all puppies on the meadow and play with them. Here were 19 Beardie puppies and 3 OES puppies running around and had lots of fun. So did I. Summer has no more milk and therefore doesn’t want to go to her puppies that long, because they only want one thing: to drink from her. Therefore are Auntie “Doro” and Uncle “King” the ideal playing mates and they are really very careful with the puppies. Most of Summer’s puppies have their luggage already packed and are waiting to be collected. One male will stay a little longer with us, as he is going to live in Australia. The paperwork for entry is very complicated. One bitch will stay with us for the time being.

Lance Bass is still available. He is the one with the seldom Tan markings. More pictures I can mail to you on request.


and during their walk on the meadow on Sunday.

Summer Lanc Bass 7 weeks

and our beautiful “Lisa Marie” who is still available . To her I say goodbye with pain in my heart and in fact I should keep her. She is gorgeous. Here are the pictures with 6 weeks.

Summer 6 weeks Lisa Maria sit

Lisa Marie with 6 weeks


The pictures from our Sunday walk. First of all everything has to be checked carefully


the world is so big and exciting


some very smart puppies, discovered a hole, in which they found old leaves. That was interesting.


than the journey continued in to the direction of the garden house. Very far away and very thrilling.


afterwards there was fresh chicken for all of them


taste so gooood…..