12 February 2013

Summer’s puppies 6 weeks

Last Sunday, it was six weeks ago since Summer had given birth to her puppies. It is such a cute group. Very quiet and harmonious. They are world champions in tail waggling and giving kisses. I could sit on my old stool for hours and just watch these little ones. They are very smart and have discovered that you can get outside through the hatch. The first brave males have already been on the swing. With 5 weeks they had their 3rd worm cure  instead of with six. Because, when we gave them their worm cure with 4 weeks, one of them spit the cure out and no one knew who it was. Now with 6 weeks they all weigh between 2500 and 3000 gram. Yep even our “Benjamin” has reached his weight. They eat enormous amounts of puppy food. When they get raw chicken legs the joy is enormous. All of them want to have one of the 5 chicken legs, but that the others won’t allow.  Simply said brilliant. Something that kept them also going and busy where little sardines and some pieces of tripe. Once per day they get fresh meat and than our puppies change into hyenas. You can’t look that fast to see how they eat everything in no time. Yes, and than….. they are tires and need a good place to sleep. However, these are very rare and therefore over full. Please have a look at the pictures. Since Sunday Summer’s puppies have gotten accompanied by the 9 Smokey-Hitchcock puppies. That is a mingle! Also on Sunday, Eef Martens came by, in spite of the ongoing carnival, to make pictures outside in the cold, together with me of the puppies. We both had a dripping nose afterwards and where cold up to our bones after we had made 100 pictures of the puppies. Thank you Eef.

Eef with both OES girls Luna and Pebbles


3 of our puppies do have so called tan-markings. That is fawn coat above their eyes, to both cheeks, a part of the front legs, the inside of the rear legs and also underneath the tail. These are typical spots where you can find these tan-markings. Their famous grandmother “Firstprizebears Z’Tampa” also had this.

the 6 males Lucky Luke, Luke Strike, Letterman, Lance Bass (still available) Levi Strauss and Luke Perry


the girls: Leona Lewis (Karin’s Sterre), Lisa Maria (still available) Lana del Rey and Lara Croft (still available).


because they where all behaving so nice, Summer immediately came over with the catering service. In this case fresh milk.


than mummy takes off and 6 Beardie males are all alone in this big world.


It was so cold and windy outside, that you get tired and once getting back in the warmth the puppies seek for their sleeping spots. In the basket and on the chair. These are their favorite spot and very popular. As all puppies are now together is is crowded and full.


opposite of them there is enough space.



The mystery question: How many puppies can get into a basket?


or on a chair?


one is always more inventive as the others! Lisa Marie is our mountaineer and has discovered how to you can climb from the chair onto the stool.