24 June 2012

Everything is in the bag

The first puppy out of the Smokey and Hitchkock litter moved to his new family in Denderbelle/Be on Saturday. Together with his big brother “Lenny Kravitz”, out of Summer’ litter. Sunday, “Lincoln”found a new home. He is now living in Peer/Be and will visit us from time to time. Tomorrow, Monday, Max will be picked up. Than, only Laredo and Laremie are still with us until their new owners have reconstructed their house, before they arrive.

Until that time we do enjoy the presence of the puppies. They are perfect playing mates for our Schäng”, the young OES puppy.

They farewell picture of  “Leny Krawitz” and “Lake Tahoe”

Lake Tahoe und Leny Krawiz