18 June 2012

7 weeks

Tomorrow, Monday, our 5 little hero’s will be 7 weeks old. I have weighed them with 6 weeks, last Monday, again. The heaviest puppy, had a birth weighed of 55o gr. Now 4300 gr. The smallest one with 250 gr has 2900 right now. That means, that he has, in relation to the others, increased more in weight that the heaviest puppy. At this moment still 9 puppies are with us. The two brown ones out of the litter from Heidi , 2 from Donna Summer and 5 from Smokey. Toghether a happy bunch and… HOUSETRAINED. They only do their needs on certain places outside. Wonderful and an enormous saving in worktime when I have to clean. They eat alot. Huge portions of Regal Puppy and twice a day fresh meat. In the afternoon , the fresh meat is always to chew on, like chicken or turkey necks. Sardines are also on the favorite menulist, even as chicken pieces and tripe cut in pieces. The fresh meat is given at night, about 1 Kg, for all of them in a round rearing trough. As soon as they sit down and wait, I place the trough in a supersonic speed on the floor and remove my finger immediately. It takes less than 2 minutes and everything is neat, clean and eaten. They are like little piranhas. That why I have to save my fingers.

A beautiful picture made on the gardenbench.


Today, they where allowed to investigate the pond. That was very exciting.


because alot of strange animals came by, to see who had his feet in the pond.


and voila….. it had happened. Max leaned to far out and ended in the pond.


he doesn’t look crestfallen but like a wet Beardie Puppy.


Wet or not, he got his tiny little butt whooped by his brother “Stiefel”.


and because it was so much fun, another beautiful picture.