5 June 2012

5 weeks old

Why didn’t we make pictures on Saturday…..? Sunshine pure. Yesterday, Sunday, it was raining cats and dogs all day long and did we have to make pictures of the puppy.  On Monday they will be 5 weeks old. Summer’ her 5 puppies live together with the 5 from Smokey, who are nine days younger. A funny bunch. Together you can (if the weather is nice) play on the meadow. Heidi’s two puppies make the bunch complete. Seen the fact that Summer and Smokey still have milk, they are fed 3 to 4 times per day. The eatingplan is as usual. REGAL puppyfood and 2 times per day fresh meat, soft curd cheese or even an egg. I will make some bouillon this week and blach it with vegetables. That is also a real treat for the puppies.

This time the puppies have a lot of visitors, because two of them stay in the neighbourhood. As in Belgium and Susteren in the Netherlands. Here, “Laredo” and “LongIsland” will move to. “Laremie” is going to live with the Stiefel Family from Dinslaken/Germany. And “LakeTahoe” goes together with his brother Leny Krawitz (out of the litter of Summer) to the Brussels area.

Only for our “Lincoln”we are still searching for a new address.

The pictures had to be made on our terrace, because it wasn’t dry. Not even for a minute.

Lincoln,  Laredo, Long Island, Lake Tahoe and Laremie…… if I am not mistaking….


This is Lincoln, who is still available.