11 June 2012

6 weeks

After we came home from the Show in Hulten/NL on Saturdayevening, the sun was still shining. Therefore we decided not to eat asparagus with ham, but just a sandwich. Due to this we had time, to enjoy the beautiful weather and the good life, together with our puppies.

Please enjoy with us.

Moments of joy and happiness

Happy Moments

than it was Harry’s time to play with the little ones and also Lasse wanted to have his attention


Daddy Hitchkock and Lasse show the kiddies the wide meadow world.


and this meadow is really huge


as a true Bearded Collie Puppie you need to know what is underneath the grass.


Once you go through the tunnel with the speed of light, you will not make the curve anymore and fall flat on your nose.