18 April 2013

Puppy Mail

“Smokey” Körting/Storr has made her first major trip in a camper. Off course the whole dog bunch was present. Is much safer with 4 mature shaggyfriends around. “Smokey” is not even scared for the devil and everything was exciting. At the beach in France she had her first “flying lessons”…….

Flying dog Smokey in her landing towards the ball.

Smokey Körting Flug mit Ball

safe landing, ball caught

Smokey Körting mit-Beute-nach-Hause-Ball1

“Micki” is very suited as a playing mate

Smokey Körting StrandmitMicki1

“Ole” Vanbossche has his first hair clip. Floh the Bobtail and Tobi where very impressed.


In Holland is the house of  “Jazz”, who has found a new family excisting out of a Poodle and Lhasa Apso’s.

Letterman-JAZZ  en nieuwe Familie