3 February 2023

“Prada” is no longer with us

We had to let “Prada” go today. Unfortunately, cancer defeated her.
She was an apparition and a big Beardie personality.
Nobility and charisma she had. But also a perfectly normal dog who would roll through anything we considered uncomfortable.
I had beautiful moments in the show ring with her. After her show career, she was a terrific mother.
During the last few years, she lived with her father “Lasse” with Kerstin Schumann and was the princess of the house.
We miss her all so much.
Rest in peace, dear Prada.

International-, Belgium-, Netherland-, Luxemburg-,German and VDH Champion

NL-Junior Champion, Bundessiegerin 2014, Belgian Winner 2014, Europasiegerin 2015

Firstprizebears Meryl Streep

21-03-2013     died     03-02-2013