27 September 2023

Firstprizebears moves to Ireland

After careful consideration I have decided to open a new chapter for my famous Firstprizebears Bearded Collie kennel. We are thrilled to announce the new owner of Firstprizebears Kennel, Mrs. Justina Masiule. Her commitment to maintaining the high standards and love for Bearded Collies that Firstprizebears is known for is truly inspiring.

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Firstprizebears founder and creative mastermind, Cornelia Loest, for her dedication and hard work over the years and trusting me to continue her legacy with her as a mentor ❤

I am excited to continue the legacy of breeding healthy, happy, and high standard Bearded Collies.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming litters, show results and more as Firstprizebears Bearded Collie Kennel embarks on this exciting new chapter!”
-Justina Masiule