25 March 2012

Offenburg via Gengenbach

In our showstory about Offenbach, I promised some pictures of the beautiful Gengenbach. Gengenbach is approxemately 22 Km away from Offenburg and is a wonderful small town. Friendly and reflective. Hier you can let your soul go when the whether is beautiful. Enjoying good food is possible as well. We have had a delicious dinner in the Reichshof.

Down Town Gengenbach

the Town Hall

Townhall Gengenbach

The Ancient entry to the town

the old Town-Tower at Gengenbach

the wonderful Engelgasse (Angellane)


and at the restaurated house of the painter Ernst Schillinger with a lifesize image of himself

I just couldn’t let the man sit by himself…..

Painter Ernst Schillinger  in the Engelgasse

Harry had found somone also. The rafter at the raftermuseum at the Kinzig river

Harry am Flösserdenkmal

and Gengenbach by night

Gengenbach bei Nacht