4 March 2014

Finally puppies again

It is already one year ago, since we had Bearded Collie puppies. Now, “Hazel” (Firstprizebears Hazelcrest) has surprised us with 4 puppies. There are 3 males, of which 2 are blue and 1 black bitch. Hazel became mother for the first time and gave a perfect birth. Her mother instinct is superb and she probably would have raised her puppies in nature, some where in a earth hole. I am more than enthusiastic about Hazel her performance as a mother. During the night I can keep sleeping on the couch. Lasse, the proud father doesn’t care and just wants to lie on the couch when entering the house. Hazel allows him to come as close as 1 meter from the whelping box. We think it is funny to see.

The first pictures of the heavy weights. At their birth, the weights varied from 330 to 380 grams. Al the way at the top, the black bitch.


the second day


my teddy bear and me……


proud mother Hazel


Saturday, 3 days old, the 2 blue males.


on the left the black male en on the right the bitch.