16 April 2014

Hazel’ puppies say goodbye

During the past week, Hazel her puppies became 7 weeks old and on Sunday, Navy Blue and Navarino, will pack their suitcases to leave to their new homes. Nevada, the girl, will stay for a short while with us and Natural Blue, the other blue male, who has to wait for his half sister from Lilly’s litter, before he can leave. Both will make a long journey to the United States on 22nd May. Hazel will than go back home, to Ingrid Schreurs, to relax from all the puppy stress. A huge THANK YOU to Inge, for allowing us to breed a litter with “Hazel”. By the way, Hazel had an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday and everything was well. She is Cataract, PRA and CEA free.

Our 4 beauties are sitting on their packed suitcases, ready to leave.


Hazel was underway with her 4 puppies and accompanied Harry on the meadow.


Natural Blue had hidden himself in a hole in the ground and didn’t want to join Hazel.


Monika was visiting us once more to see her “Neil” (Navy Blue). Hazel gave a demonstration how fast and good she can get through the agility tunnel. The puppies paid attention and imitated her.

Hazel-and-Agility-tunnel cyHazel-puppies-en-visite

Such a walk makes you tired. Because our 4 Hazel pups are now living with the 10 little Bobtails, they sleep together on the swing in the puppy run.


the rest of the group delightfully sleeps inside.