9 April 2014

Hazels’ puppies, 5 1/2 weeks

On Monday, Hazel her puppies where 5 and a half weeks old. They are very curious and want to discover all new things. A few days ago they have learned how to get outside through the hatch. In order to help the puppies getting outside and get used to this hatch, we have used a trophy and placed it underneath it. So these things are good for something. Off course the bitch was the bravest and was the first in daring to go outside.


after everything was found secure and safe, the males also had the courage to go outside.


This week they had a back piece of rabbit for the first time. Very exciting and has to be “defended” for your other brothers and sister.


Brother Alarm!


this stress makes you so tired, that you have to find a quiet place and go to sleep.


the “egg” is very beloved place for an afternoon nap.


During cleaning the gang of 4 is very helpful in folding the dirty newspapers.


Well, thats it! Folded nice and tight.


than there was the time for the weekly Star Photo. Our 4 with 5,5 weeks.


our bitch wanted an extra shoot.