2 December 2012

Winner Amsterdam, Galanta/SLO and Talvera/ESP

The Winner Amsterdam is the largest and most important Show in the Netherlands. She is held yearly in November in the RAI in Amsterdam and is in fact a must for every exhibitor. One year on forehand you know who is judging. For the Bearded Collies it was Mr. Gerard Jipping, President of the Dutch Kennel Club. For the OES it was Mr. M. Faulkner from the United States and tfor him we should beter not have shown. Mr. Jipping had to judge 35 Beardies. A respective number an numerous exhibitors from other countries.  For days I have had been washing and grooming and on Saturday the 3 dogs where ready and just had to pack the car and set the alarm clock to 03.30 Hrs. There was a lot of fog and I wanted to have 30 minutes more time, just in case we had to start driving slower. At 06.45 we where at the parking at the Halls, directly in front of the entrance of the Amstel Hall. Now we had to wait until 07.30 before we were allowed in. On Monday I have let everything bypassing my mind and discovered that I stood in front of the hall at 6.45  and at 15.30 h in  the afternoon I was stitting for the first time on a chair. At 18.15 we left the hall, packed the car, quickly went to a restaurant with my dearest friend Eef Martens (who had been so kind to join and assist me with my 3 dogs and made pictures). At 22.30 we where home, took care of the dogs, styled the photos for Facebook, otherwise the news is already old….. and at 01.00, completely knocked out went to bed. BUT, with the beardies it couldn’t have gone better and that made our day to a perfect one. The first was “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears). He had to start in the Intermediate Class against Mark with Dodger and another dog, for whom especially a junior handler was hired to show it. All of this was of no benefit and Lasse became 1st in this Class and than became Best Male. I was happy. In the Open Class Bitches, Inge Schreurs started with her June” (Firstprizebears Jade Jagger) and won. After which it was the turn of Vicky van Tiggelen with her “Beat-it” (Ch. Firstprizebars Just Beat-it) in the Champion Class. She became first also and was Best Bitch. With this victory she did not only win the title Winner Amsterdam, but also became a Netherlands Champion this day. Inge Schreurs made the day unforgettable, by winning Res-Best Bitch with her “June”. She is a litter sister of Beat-It. Better than this was not possible. For us as breeders the proof that we had done everything correctly. Now Beat-It had to stand up against Lasse for Best of Breed and it was Mr. Jipping who chose for Beat-It. To me it didn’t matter. Later, Vicky, allowed me to show Beat-it at this so important dog show in the Bigring. Here, Mrs. Liesbeth Mach from Switzerland judged the large Group 1 and Beat-It became 3rd. Due to this, she is now also qualified for the participation at the Gala for Best Dog of the Year 2012. More as being satisfied and happy is after this not possible. It is my personal record to win BOB 3 years in row with a Bearded Collie. 2010 it was Helen Hunt (BOS was Enfield), she also won Group 1. In 2011 it was “Guffy” (Clanyardbay Mac Guffy), who also ended under the lat 6 in the Group and now it was Beat-It.

On Saturday the whole bunch had been washed, brushed and prepared for the trip to Amsterdam. Lasse, Doro and King


“Lasse” had to start first and is waiting for his turn.

Lasse-wartet-auf-seinen-Auftritt Amsterdam

Winner Amsterdam, Best Male “Lasse” Lärkängens at Firsticebears, 18 months


the ringsteward quickly checks some details of our “Lasse”

onderonsje-met-de-ringmeester Amsterdam

Inge Schreurs with “June” Firstprizebears Jade Jagger Res-CACIB-Res-CAC


Best Male Winner Amsterdam “Lärkängens at Firsticebears”, judge Mr. G. Jipping nd Vicky van Tiggelen with her LUX-NL-Ch. Winner Amsterdam “Firstprizebears Just Beat-it”, Best Of Breed.


Mrs. L. Mach, the judge of Group 1, with a very happy Conny and Vicky and a relaxed “Beat-it”, who ende 3rd in Group 1. Picture by Ernst van Scheven/Kynoweb

Amsterdam Group 1

Also on Sunday 25-11-12, in Galanta, Slowakia, the yearly Club Show for the britisch Sheepdogs was held. Mr. B. Croft/UK judged the Bearded Collies. With her 9 years, World Winner 2008/2009 and  Super Multi-Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island, became Best Of Breed and also Best Veteran in Show. She is an extraordinary Beardie who could still win everything at any time. She is a beauty. I am certain that this is the earning of  Gabriella Gesi, her owner. Proud co-owners are Peter and Ildiko Muzlai from Hungary of the Double Scottsch Kennel.


Talavera in Spain, was the place where “Firstprizebears Larry King” with his 8 months, under judge Mr. Claude Ritter/FR became Best Puppy of Breed and later 2nd Best Puppy of Group 1 under judge Mr. Alonso. He is owned by our good friend Alberto Sanchez and Oscar Largo.

Firstprizebears Larry King in Talvera/ESP