9 May 2011

We survived Dortmund…..

6000 dogs in 3 days at the Jahrhundertsieger-show in Dortmund, Germany. Another 6000 during these 3 days at the normal Europasieger-Show. This means 12000 during 3 days a two simultaneous shows. Just: Enormous!

We decided to show only on Sunday. The alarmclock rang at 03.45h. The first smell that I got into my nose this morning: There is a (smal) pile in the living. And so it was. At 05.00h we wanted to leave, but the backside of “Socke” needed to be cleaned first as this poor girl was the causer of the smell. The necessary amount of pills where pumped in and our tour started…..

Arrival at 06.30h and waiting until 07.00 to get in. Our judging started at 09.00 in the huge tent.

After our breeds where finished around 11.30 it was warm and the tent was like a poky little room. With our 3 dogs we achieved the following results: “Firstprizebears Hitchkock” got an Excellent in the Championsclass. This was against all expectations. But his sister “Lilli” (Ch.Firstpiezbears Helen Hunt) would make up for him. Under the President of the FCI, Mr. Hans Müller/CH, she became Best of Breed and FCI Jahrundertsieger.

Our “Socke” (Ch. Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstomtal) won the Championsclass en got the Res CACIB from Mrs. Blessing/GE. To our great joy won Chris van Beirendonk with her  “Snowbootsbears Incognito” (Enco) BOB. Due to this we had to wait until 17.00 to get into the bigr ing. Pfffff….it was warm and we where tired. So we searched for a place in the shade and waited for that what had to come.

The time was used and I took the opportunity to scissor Enco the OES a little. Harry was so kind to make pictures of “Enco” and “Socke”, even though he was tired as well and nearly felt in sleep on his chair.

Finally at 17.00 Mr. Wiblishausen started judging Group 1. Chris with Enco and I myself with “Lilli” got selected. Our day couldn’t be better as we won the Group with “Lilli” (Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt) at this oh so prestegious and enormous Jahrhundertshow of the FCI. We where more than happy and now had to wait for Best in Show.

Finally at 18.30 it was over and we could start packing. What was the problem? Eef Martens and her husband Thijs where waiting for us, because they had to travel to Calais/France to get onto the shuttle on mondaymorning early. They where going on a vacation with all their dogs (incl. Lilli) and where so kind to deliver “Donna”to the new owners in the UK and from there on to Ireland to bring “Oscar” to his new family. At 02.30 they arrived in Calais and at 08.30 the stood in the UK.

We came home at 22.00h. Poor Harry had to get up this morning at 05.00 to get to work and I at 07.00, because the painter where coming.

BUT, why complaining after such a victory……..

Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt BOB and Groupwinner with judge Mr.Müller/CH


and our “Socke” in the shadow