12 February 2013

Smokey’s puppies 4,5 weeks old

On Sunday, Eef Martens came over, although of the carnival to make pictures of the puppies, together with me in the cold wind. We both had a dripping nose afterwards and where cold up to our bones after we had made 100 pictures of the puppies. Thank you Eef.

Until Saturday afternoon, Smokey’s puppies where still with us in the kitchen in their whelping box. That was all very cosy, but was getting too small for them. They needed more space. As the Bobtail puppies where only with the four of them, there was extra space available and could be used to put Smokey’s and Summer’s puppies together. By the way, there was only a 8 day difference in age and from their sizes they fitted together. Otherwise the bigger ones would have to rough with the little ones. With 4 weeks they had their worm cure and afterwards, for the first time fresh meat (minced meat), of course slightly heated as described many times before. The puppies immediately recognized that there is something special and they ate like a swarm of Grasshoppers until the last crumb had disappeared. After the move on Saturday, Smokey’s puppies quickly copied everything from the other puppies. They now know where to go potty and do their needs. In the corner. Only the hatch to go outside, as Summer’s puppies already go through, is not quite kosher and has to be investigated and looked into if it is dangerous or not. It won’t take long and than they will have found out themselves.

Eef Martens, our house photographer with the 2 OES girls


Wednesday in our kitchen. They puppies enjoyed the sun, shining on their bellies.

Smokey puppies 4 weeks in the sun

and than it got full!


the favorite spots are very popular. How many puppies do fit into a basket?


or in a chair?


opposite of them there is enough space.                                                                        Smokey-and-Summer-space-enough-2


After they had done their afternoon rest, they went outside in the cold to make the weekly pictures. They were very nice and thank to that everything went fast.

the 3 males Michigan, Montgomery and Memphis


the first group of the 6 girls Madison, Millwaukee and Manhattan


the second group: Miami, Missippi and Melrose


Mother Smokey was also present and made sure that the little ones were getting their fresh milk.


she was also in a playful mood and the little ones had their fun.


Smokey didn’t want to play anymore and the 3 Beardie males where al alone in this big world.