26 February 2013

Smokey’s puppies looking for a new home

Today was the day and Eef Martens came by to make pictures. Memphis and Mississippi are no longer showing up in the pictures, as they have been reserved. The male Montgomery is been pre-reserved. This also counts for two girl, but which of the two it will become has not been decided yet. Therefore we show the 7 puppies here one more time but individually. They are 7 weeks old.

Male Montgomery, completely relaxingMonty-7-Wochen-relaxedMontgomeryMonty-7-weeks-stand
Male MontgomeryMOnty-7-Wochen-aufmerksam
Male MichiganMichigan-7-weeks-sitMichigan-7-weeks-stand
3 girls Madison, Melrose and Miami BeachMiami,-Melrose,-Madison-7-weeks-oldBitch MadisonMichigan-7-weeks-stand
Bitch MelroseMelrose-7-weeks-oldBitch Miami Beach (booked)Miami-Beach-7-weeks
Bitches Milwaukee and ManhattanMillwaukee-and-Manhattan-7-weeks
Bitch MilwaukeeMillwaukee-7-weeks-standMilwaukeeMilwaukee-7-weeks-sit
Bitch ManhattanManhattan-7-weeks-standManhattanManhattan-7-weeks-sit