21 April 2015

Oliver Hardy and Orson Wells, still in search of a new home

Today, Tuesday, our puppies are eight weeks old. A last wormcure is on the programme and than the suitcases will be packed. In the upcoming days, 7 puppies will move to their new families. The two girls, that had not been sold until today, have been reserved within 24 hours. The only ones left are the 2 beautiful males, who need a new home. For one of the two males a family will visit over the weekend to have a look at him.

Oliver Hardy, is the funny one, the quiet one, the calm pole and “the let’s wait and see type”. He is a strong male that is not quickly taken out of his balance.


8 weeks June Oliver Hardy stand 8 weeks June Oliver Hardy

Orson Wells, is our beauty. He knows he is goodlooking and is a charmer. He takes all the cuddling he can get. A really quite male, who is satisfied with himself.

Both males, offcourse, have the natural Beardie insticts and would do very good at a Show.

8 weeks June Orson stand


Octavia Spencer (reserved in the mean time)

8 weeks June Octavia standing8 weeks June Octavia spener sit

Oprah Winfrey (reserved)

8 weeks June Orpah sit 8 weeks June Oprah front 2 8 weeks June Oprah flowers 8 weeks June Oprah flowers 1