6 April 2015

June puppies, Easter 2015

5.5 week oldwere our puppies  on Friday. Time for a  photo shoot, and because it is Easter, the Easter Decor had to serve. The 10 little beauties are very, very smart and have, after only one day of practice, discovered the effect of the cat flap. Now they are playing in the area of the big puppy and discover the puppy swing. It is a very nice litter. The puppies have the quiet and balanced character of their parents and are completely relaxed. Our puppies are very good eaters. The 750gr. minced meat in the morning, is consumed in what feels like two seconds. Afterwards they look completely innocent to me, according to the motto: we had nothing to eat at all. Again we made a lot of nice pictures.

The males: Orlando Bloom,Oliver Hardy, Orson Wells, Oscar de la Renta, Oscar Wilde

5,5 weeks June 5 male puppies

the girls: Oprah Winfried, Oleta Adamas, Olivia Wilde, Octavia Spencer and Olivia Newton John

5,5 weeks June 5 female

this was our Easter decoration


and this is how it looked when we where finished. One hare “lost” his life.

5,5 weeks Paashaas stuk

but before that we have made lots of single pictures

Male Orson Wells, the cheerful beautiful boy

5,5 weeks Orson wells sit 5,5 weeks Orson Wells stand

Male Orlando Bloom (reserved)

5,5 weeks Orlando Bloom sit 5,5 weeks Orlando Bloom stand

Male Oliver Hardy looks like his uncle “Hitchkock” totally relaxed.

5,5 weeks Oliver Hardy sit 5,5 weeks Oliver Hardy stand

Male Oscar de la Renta (reserved)

5,5 weeks Oscar de la renta sit 5,5 weeks Oscar de la renta stand

Male Oscar Wilde, the blue one with the beautiful eyes, quiet and soft. (reserved)

5,5 weeks Oscar Wild 5,5 weeks Oscar Wilde stand

The girls: Octavia Spencer, our tender little cuddly one

5,5 weeks Octavia Spencer outside 1 5,5 weeks Octavia Spencer stand

Girl Olivia Wilde, the fairy with her funny tan markings

5,5 weeks Olivia wild sit 5,5 weeks Olivia Wild stand

Girl “Oprah Winfrey” our beauty, we would like to sell her to an exhibitor

5,5 weeks Oprah Winfried outdoor 5,5 weeks Oprah Winfried sit 5,5 weeks Oprah Winfried stand

our blue bitch “Olivia Newton John” who has been reserved.

5,5 weeks Olivia Newton John sit 1  5,5 weeks Olivia Newton John stand

5,5 weeks Olivia Newton John 1