19 February 2013

Hoogstraten/B., Pictures Schoko and Herman

On Saturday was the show in Hoogstraten/Belgium. She is held yearly in the Vegetable Auction Halls. The space is not really enormous, but the list with judges therefore very, very interesting. It was Mister Horst Kliebenstein from Germany who first judged the Bobtails and afterwards the Beardies. This German All rounder is already known to me for years, however I never showed a dog under him. He was the one, in spite the fact that I have 2 litters at home, made sure that I went and wanted to do this. As said, first the OES where on and our King became Best of Breed. Than there were 2 other breeds after which he 6 Beardies where judged. I cannot understand that such a few people had entered, with a judge like this, who had never judged in Belgium before. “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears) had his favorite competitors, won and became Best Male. Best Bitch was Els Jansen with her Bitch “Juliets Josetta v d Wollewuif”. Due to this CACIB her dog is now International Champion. Congratulations Els.


During the show in Luxemburg, Wim Huyskens had made some beautiful pictures of our “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor).


this one also.


The Mussche family has send me picture from “Firstprizebears Le Hermann”. He is 9 months old and a son of Lasse and Summer.

Firstprizebears Le Herman