6 November 2013

Bleiswijk/NL, Paren/GER and Insurbia/Italy

What a weekend! In Bleiswijk/NL in the area of Gouda, is a yearly CACIB Show, who always have interesting judges on their lists. This year, the organisation had invited for our both breeds, the Swedish ladies Charlotte Sandberg for the Beardies and Ulrica Göransson for the Bobtails. They are the daughters of the founder of the famous Swedish Farmarens Kennel, who breed Bobtails and Bearded Collies. Now, children of them are already in the ring. It was very exciting. 25 Beardies had been entered, of which 9 males in the Youth, 1 male in the Open and the 2 well known Beardies in the Champion Class. With the Bitches there where also 9 in the Youth, 1 in the Intermediate 3 in the Open and 1 in the Champion Class. In the Juniorlcass Males, where 2 children from our “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears), who could immediately be recognized by their type. The 14 months old “Clan of Stork Las Vegas” got an Excellent 2 and Peggy Jeurrisen, with her 10 month old “Firstprizebears Letterman” was placed at 4th place with Excellent. After this the excitement started and Lasse went in to the ring. A thousand thoughts went through my mind and I didn’t want to give up hope that there are Judges who know how a Beardie has to look and that a Beardie movement should be with a long reach and effortless.  Mrs. Sandberg wrote an excellent judging report about our “Lasse”. Not only did he become Best Male, but also Best Of Breed. At this day, by collecting his last points, he gained the Title Netherlands and International Champion. I was the most happy person at this Show.

Peggy Jeurissen with her 10 month old “Jazz” Firstprizebears Letterman (Lärkängens at Firsticebears x Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer), Excellent 4th Place.


Champion Class Males:

Beardie Connection Kenji (2nd Place)  and Lärkängens at Firsticebears (1st Place with CACIB and CAC)


Best Male Lärkängens at Firsticebears, new Netherlands and International Champion. The Judge, Mrs. Charlotte Sandberg, Res-Best Male from the Youth Class “Potterdale Dark Diamond” owned by Dea Sjouwerman and Janni van Binsbergen.


In the Juniorclass bitches, I showed “Clanyard Bay Mac Geddes” (Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock x Firstprizebears Eureka), for Eef Martens. She is 12 months old and behind her a daughter of our Lasse, “Eyecatchingbears Angel Eyes” (Mother is Firstprizebars Honeybrook) , owned and bred by Jolande Posma. Both received an Excellent.

Bleiswijk 13 Geddes en Eyecatchinbears Angel Eyes

Inge Schreurs allowed me to show her “June” in the Open Class. This Class was only occupied with 3 bitches and June “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” ( Ch. Firstprizebears Enfield x Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer) won this Class. A little bit embittered for us, that June unfortunately did not win a CAC or Res-CAC. She became 3rd Best Bitch. But the winning bitch is from fathers side out of our lines and the Res-Bitch from the Champion Class, “Dazzystars A Groovy Kind of Love”, is bred out of 2 Firstprizebears.

Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” 1st Place Open Class Res-CACIB


Judge Mrs. Sandberg, with Best Of Breed Lärkängens at Firsticebears and the Best Bitch from the Youth Class, Snugglebears Kieps Sjiek Blumpke, Breeder and Owner Annemarie Zoontjens

Bleiswijk BOB and BOS 2013

“Lasse” with his son and daughter.

Bleiswijk Lasse and offspring

We had a “luxury problem”, becausemy OES “King”,became  also Best Of Breed and showing 2 dogs at the same time in the Big Ring is not possible. Although my King needed the points for Top OES, I decided to go into the Big Ring with Lasse. This was a matter of prestige, to show, that there are Bearded Collies with an excellent movement! My good friend Chris Beirendonk, was so kind to show King in the Big Ring. Judge was the Dane H.E. Pedersen and…. Chris won with our OES King the Group and I became, with “Lasse“, 3rd in the large Group 1. This was a perfect day. On Sunday King became Res/Best in Show.

Mr. Pedersen, King with Chris Beirendonk, the OES Judge Mrs. Ulrica Göransson and a more than happy Conny with Lasse.


Moments of happiness


The Vanbossche family, where at the Special Show in Paren, Germany. Here Mrs. H. Bilsheim judged the Bearded Collies. “Tobi” Firstprizebears King Cole ( Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock x Firstprizebears Havanna) had been entered in the Open Class for the first time ana won an Excellent 1st Place. Their blue bear “Ole” Firstprizebears Lucky Luke, was judged with an Excellent 2nd Place in the Youth Class. He is 10 months old and a litter brother of  “Letterman”.

10 months old Firstprizebears Lucky Luke


The 2 years old Firstprizebears King cole


At the large INSURBIA Show in the area  Lumbardia, Italy, Mrs. W. van Deijl from the Netherlands judged the Bearded Collies. To our great joy, Laura Pouquier with her “Ch. Firstprizebears Johnny Cash” (Ch. Firstprizebears Enfield x Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer) won Best Male and has now all points needed for the Title of Italian Champion.

Firstprizebears Johnny Cash and Lisa