8 November 2018

Shownews November 2018

It was a fantastic weekend on 3./4.-11-2018 for the Firstprizebären.
In northern Italy, the Insubria Winner took place with 3 other exhibitions. The team of family Kirmis from Stuttgart/GER and family Knuchel from Switzerland was on stage. Of course, Fernando was also present to exhibit “Paddy”.
Family Kirmis has the following successes with her “Sally” Ch. Firstprizebears Pasadena

Int- Sedriano Open Class Res-CAC, Res- CAC  Judge  Mr.  Yossi Guy/Israel

Int –Desio Open Class , CAC, CACIB, BOS Judge: Mrs.  Maria Teresa Gabrielli Mondo/Italien

Int- Busto Open Class , CAC, CACIB, BOS Judge: Mrs.  Monique Weber Lo Giacomo/Italien

Int-Varese Insubria Winner, Offene Klasse Res-CAC, Res-CACIB, Judge Mrs.  Maria Ceccarelli/Italien

on this show in Varese was also Fernando with PaddyCh. Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy

CACIB, CAC, Best of Breed and seletetd in Group 1

Firstprizebears Pasadena “Sally”


Ch. Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy


Pasadena and Patrick Duffy in Varese

Metz/Frankreich, Judge Herr Guy Kips/LUX, Beste Juniorand Crufts Qualifikation

Marc Brunner with”Firstprizebears Q’Bella Maltzman

Hazerwoude-Dorp/NL formerly the show of Bleiswijk. A double CACIB show on 3./4.11.2018. Judge on the first day was the Irishman Paul Lawless,

won here:

Berry Hoenstok with “Firstprizebears Q’Johnny DeppExcellent 2 in the youth class

Anne Vermeulen with Ch. “Firstprizebears Priscilla PresleyExcellent 1 in Open Class

on the second day the Portuguese Zeferino Silva judged

Berry Hoenstok with”Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” Excellent  1, J-CAC, CAC, Best of the breed and that with just 12 months

Anne Vermeulen with Ch. "Firstprizebear's Priscilla Presley" Excellent 1 in Open Class

We are very happy for Berry, great as always in tip top condition

Best Male  Firstprizebears Q’Johny Depp and  Res-Male Beardie Connections Quintino

  Best of Breed   Firstprizebears Q’Johny Depp        BOS Petra Bonny with  “New Gossip Intown des Bergers des Mille et une Nuit”

Anne Marie Zoontjes and  Anne Vermeulen with “Ch. Firstprizebears Priscilla Presley

November is the month of superlatives for Firstprizebears.

on 10./11.11.2018 there was the national and international exhibition in Karlsruhe / GER. Beautiful, bright halls, free parking and a cozy exhibition all around. That’s why I exhibited once again (the last time in October 2017) in Germany. I had my Bobtailgirl “Sidney” with me, BUT: there were 6 FIRSTPRIZEBEARS entered for this show on both days. Of the 6 dogs, 5 won their class and became Best of Breed, and BOS. On the first day “Pike” won  group 1 and on the 2nd day 2nd in the group by the  12 months old female “Kim Kardashian”. On the first day the well-known Hungarian Allrounder  Mr. Tamas Jakkel and on the second day the Austrian Mrs. Naprawnik were the judges.

Youth class males: Firstprizebears Q’Brad Pit, Owner Family Hellwig Grammann

Excellent 1, J-CAC Best Young Dog Excellent 1, J-CAC and now German Junior Champion VDH and Club

Youth class bitch: Fristprizebears Q’Kim Kardashian, Owner Family Hellwig Grammann

Excellent 1, J-CAC Excellent 1, J-CAC- Best Young Dog,

Excellent 1  Best Female and Best of Breed and 2nd in Group 1, Judge Mrs. M. Martegani / CH and also new German Youth Champion VDH and Club

 Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek, owner Mrs. Cocozza

Excellent 2

Excellent 2

Open class males: Firstprizebears Pikes Peak, Owner: Monika Fuss

Excellent 1, CAC, VDH- Best of Breed and winner of Group 1, Judge Mrs. Rossier / CH

Excellent 1, CACIB, CAC, VDH, Best Male

Male Champion class: Fristprizebears Patrick Duffy, owner family Knuchel / CH

Excellent 1, CAC, VDH

Excellent 1, Res- CACIB, CAC, VDH

Bitch Championclass .: Firstprizebears Pasadena, owner family Kirmis

Excellent 1, CAC, VDH-SA

Excellent 1, CACIB, CAC, VDH and new German and VDH Champion  


Monika Fuss wins Group 1 with her Pikes Peak


Kim Kardashian later became BOB and 2nd of Group 1 and Pikes Peak Best Male


and the entire troupe f.l.t.r. (I borrowed Patrick Duffy for the photo), Monika Fuss with Pikes Peak, Mr Kirmis with Pasadena, Mrs Cocozza with Q’Walnutcreek, Mr Grammann with Q’Kim Kardashian and Mrs Hellwig with Q’Brad Pitt.

last but not least won the breedersgroup “Firstprizebears ” the first place in the breeders Competition. Judge was Mrs.  Assenmacher/GER


on monday these 2 young splendor beardies were at the clinic of Dr. Koch and their hips were graded HD A1 and the eyes are also free. All ingenious, once again congratulations to the great team in Karlsruhe it was an unforgettable weekend.

Photo Family Hellwig.

Q’Kim Kardashian und Q’Brad Pitt