6 May 2012

6 weeks

Friday they were 6 weeks old, so time for the vet. The best veterinarian of the whole world came to us, our Dr. Vanholen. Every puppy was turned inside out to see if everything was 100% okay. Than a short sting of a needle with the first vaccination and afterwards a chip was inserted on the right side of the neck. All where very brave. Afterwards they received a large bowl with  fresh BARF meat and this was eaten  in a matter of seconds. Not to forget the wormcure, but this time in pill form. The cattrap towards the outside kennel is back into a normal position, but is no disturbance to run outside. the whole gang is almost 100% clean and only in case they have to, they do their pee in the back part of the kennel. In the outer kennel they have created a small corner where they do their needs so the rest of the kennel can be used for playing. Room enough.

Slow but sure, preparations for the big move are made. We have a very international litter.

Lee Curtis will move to Jakarta/Indonesia. However stays until his little sister out of  Summer’s litter is old enough to join him. Lorne Green goes to Israel and have to stay 4 weeks longer. Larry King, Linda Evans and Liza Minelli go together with mother “Heidi Klum” to Spain.  Oh yeah, our Loly Parton alias “Babettje” is also going across the border to the Netherlands. To be exact, to Aunt Eef and Xandra in Reuver. Here already lives a large Firstprizebears Family. Last but not least, Liz Taylor, but she will stay here for the time being.

the 3 males

6 weken 3 reutjes

the ladies group

6 weeks 4 girls

after the individual pictures where taken, “Lotte” didn’t want to get off of the stretcher anymore. These individual  pictures I will send upon request.

6 weeks after the photosession

for the aunties in Reuver: “Babettje”

6 weeks Loly Parton Babettjes