22 February 2015

Schoko and Lasse puppies are 4 weeks

During the last weeks a lot has happened: the puppies have moved. The whelping box in the kitchen became too small for the 9 nosy puppies. In the kennel, the kindergarden offers much more space. The move itself, had no problems. Schoko and her 9 children have quickly found their new places. First they only had the first part until their disposal and Schoko the back part. In the mean time they have the complete part in use. As always, our Beardie puppies are very clean with themselves, especially hygienic, in a way that in the back part of their stay, they have created a toilet themselves. In the front part they sleep, play and eat. Friday they received their 2nd worm cure. For this they had to go on the scale. Their weights vary from 1850 to 2250 grams.  They eat 4 times per day. In the morning they get 500 grams of minced meat and that will be raised to 750 grams from now on. The other 3 times they get soaked Earthborn Puppy, mixed with Terra Canis Puppy. The leftovers are for Mama Schoko. Lasse loves to sniff them every now and then. As soon as he comes into the kennel, he straight away goes over to the puppies and gives them kisses thru the fence. This is very loving and caring to see. This time we have a lot of pictures.

On this picture the puppies are still in the whelping box in the kitchen. Shawn the Sheep (warm water bottle) is still beloved as pillow.

3 weeks old just before they moved into bigger area

Then there was the move to the large kindergarden, very exciting.

3 weeks in the kindergarden

a lot of space to walk

3 weeks looking around in the new home

This adventure makes you tired. The pluche dog made by IKEA is also a good place to rest and lay your head on.

3 weeks sleeping on the pluchdoggy

The edge of the pillow is another favorite for a nap.

3 weeks moving makes so tired

this is cosy as well.

3 weeks sleeping on the edge of the cushion

until the warm minced meat arrived, all of them where awake.

3,5 weeks fresh meat

with a full belly you can sleep well.

3,5 weeks sleeping after dinner

at the age of 3,5 weeks there where new toys. The egg, ideal as sleeping place or to hide youself behind. With 4 weeks the new scene decoration for new pictures.

3,5 weeks new big toy The Egg

The male “Obama” has to go first.


ruede 1


Group 1 of the girls

4 weeks first group girls

followed by the 2nd group of girls.

4 weeks 2nd group girls

we have decided to give the following 8 names to them: Orlando, Ohio, Oregon, Orleans, Orville, Oklahoma, Oakland, Ocean Avenue

Our girls:

No 2

4 week no 2

No 3

4 weeks no 3

No 4

4 weeks no 4



No 5


4 weeks no 5



No 6

4 weeks no 6


4 weeks no 7

No 8

4 weeks no 8

No 9

4 weeks no 9

As last our male again.

4 weeks Ruede 2