14 May 2011

Puppies dining a la carte

Today the weekly ritual of weighing and making pictures. We are halfway now and they are 4 weeks old.  Less delicious today was the wormcure. As far as weight is concerned, they grow normally. 3040gr for “Pepsi”, “Leroy”is 2920gr and “Kellop” the girl is 2840gr. This week was exciting for the puppies. Normally they eat 3 to 4 times a day puppykibbles mixed with “Terra Canis” puppy. Buuuttttt, yesterday it was partytime and for the first time they had a piece of raw chicken. This was fun

4wkn-Kip 4-wkn-kip2

of course they didn’t eat all and Smokey had to clean the leftovers. Today is was again kibbles and mincemeat. Tomorrow a fresh trout will be served.

4 week old on this picture

Puppies eten a la carte