28 March 2013

Our little secret

Lilli is a very special Bearded Collie. Eef and I always call her our princess. She has a pink sofa. But she is also one of our most succesfull Bearded Collie bitches which we bred. She is 2010/2012 World Champion, FCI European-Jubilee Champion etc etc. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt.

We would have allready mate her in May last year. But she was having a holiday at the Garda Lake and while she was swiming very much, they noticed it too late that she was allready in season. So we needed to wait untill next season and Lilli took her time untill January. Allthough this wouldn’t actually fit in our schedule we couldn’t wait any longer cause Lilli was allready 4,5 years old. So we asked our “Lasse” (Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears ) if he would love to help. We did’nt need to ask him twice…

It was time at 21-03 and our Lilli gave birth to 4 puppies. One male and 4 females. Meanwhile the pups are allready 1 week old and developping great. The male had a slow start but at the moment he is doing very good. His sisters doubled their birth weight.

We were very trilled to get this litter and were so curious to see the pups. This was our little secret for a while.

Mel Gibson is a male and the girls are: Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep en Mia Farrow

Eef Martens often visit us and take a lot of nice pictures.

These are last weeks pictures:

Lilli pups 2 dagen oud

Lilli pup 2 dagen teef 3

Lärkängen's At Firsticebears x Firstprizebears Helen Hunt

The puppies are 5 days



















Yesterday Eef Martens did a viste to 1 week old Babies of “Lilli”, She took probaly 5000 photo. Her are a small collection:

the 3 girls 1 week old Marilyne Monroe, Meryl Streep and Mia Farrow


safe place on mum neck Firstprizebears Meryl Streep


so soft, so fragile puppy legs


our little braveheart having a nap on his pillow “Mel Gibson”


Easter decoration