14 January 2024

Happy to announce upcoming litter “V”

We are thrilled to share the joyous news that FIRSTPRIZEBEARS Kennel is eagerly anticipating the arrival of a delightful Bearded Collie litter at the end of January in Dublin, Ireland!
Our beloved Tina is expecting, and we can’t wait to welcome the pitter-patter of tiny paws…
We’ll keep you posted on the journey as we count down the days!
Thank you so much to my dedicated mentor Cornelia Loest for the invaluable guidance and support in the intricate world of breeding. Her wisdom and expertise have been instrumental in shaping my journey, and I’m truly grateful for the wealth of knowledge she is sharing with me!

Sire: Firstprizebears Pikes Peak

Dam: Firstprizebears Tina Turner

Please fill in the form if You are interested in Firstprizebears puppy, link:

https://forms.gle /j5UERzeg5XGHKu1B7