lnt-USA-CDN-DK-D-VDH-NL-B-F-LUX-A Ch. Shilstone Choir Boy

Made up champions (imported)

Another 9 Bearded Collies have to be added to this result. They where bought from other breeders but made up as champions by ourselves.

11983MaleShilstone Choir Boylnt-AM-CAN-DK-D-VDH-NL-B-F-LUX-A Ch. World ch. 86 + 87, Top Dog all breeds 1986 in NL
21986MaleShilstone DiplomatINT-Monaco-F-LUX-NL-B-D-VDH-DK Ch.
31986FemaleShilstone Secret INT-NL-B-D-VDH-DK Ch. Worldch. 91
41986FemaleKupids Pride of Deboras FarmINT-NL-DK Ch.
51989MaleMoonhills FirstclassbearINT-D-VDH Ch.
61989FemaleWoolly Pads FirstprizebearTop Beardie Bitch 90 in NL
71990FemaleSheepish Prizebear the FirstINT-DK-NL Ch.
81993MaleInpetto du Blason de KerlanINT-DK-D-VDH-NL-B Ch.
92013MaleLärkängen’s At FirsticebearsInt-NL-LUX-B-D-VDH Ch.Dog detail

Oldies but goldies

Breeding for more than 20 years gave me some nice pictures and memories of lovely dogs. Please allow me to share these with you.

INT-NL-B-D-VDH-Lux-UK Ch. Firstprizebears VancouverD & VDH-Champion DelawareFirstprizebears Gunsmoke, Firstprizebears Eureka and Firstprizebears GunneryNL-D-VDH-PL-CZ-Slow-INT-World Ch. Firstprizebears Very BrownFirstprizebears Charlotte2002, the Beardie packINT-DK-NL Ch. Sheepish Prizebear the First, Gina 13 years oldINT-BE-VDH Ch. Firstprizebears Clinton	Firstprizebears Aspen, Firstprizebears Apache, Firstprizebears Z’Tampa and Firstprizebears VancouverFirstprizebears Heidi KlumShilstone Choir BoINT-NL-Lux-B-D-VDH Ch. Bundessieger & Eur. Ch. (FCI) Firstprizebears Niagara FallsFirstprizebears AspenFirstprizebears AbileneDogs of Eef MartensEur FCI 03 + 04 + 05-NL-B-SK-CZ-Lux-D-VDH-UK & INT Ch. Firstprizebears Apache