19 January 2024

Our Tina delivered 3 girls and 4 boys on 19th of January!

Exciting days ahead at Firstprizebears kennel! 

Tina gave birth to 7 beautiful black and white beardies on January 18th-19th night. Tina decided to give birth on day 61 of her pregnancy, can’t blame her, she was full of puppies…and rather heavy ones…

Her delivery was like from a book. The mucus plug came out at 20:50 and the first pup showed up at 21:15…

The first one was a beautiful purple girl weighing 380 g, not long after at 21:20 her brother light blue boy was born weighing 415 g.

After a strong start, Tina decided to rest for a bit and allow puppies to nurse. Meanwhile, we gave her some water and some food to boost her energy.

After almost 2 hours of rest Tina started having contractions again and gave birth to a yellow boy at 23:18 weighing 370 g.

After that Tina decided that she was done for the day and rested for around 1.5h.

The fourth one was a green female at 00:50 weighing 360 g. 25 minutes later at 01:15 Tina delivered the fifth one – a pink male puppy weighing 385 g. Not long after at 01:34 red male weighing 355 g joined the group.

After this Tina took another break and we were not sure if the sixth one was the last puppy as the x-ray picture was not clear and we had different guesses – 5 or 6…maybe 7?

Lucky 7 it is!

The last one chose a magical number 03:33, the dark blue girl was born weighing 370 g.

This was Tina’s and mine first litter, and it’s always going to be the most special one 💜

Tina has great motherly instincts and not much help is needed from our side. What a perfect mom she is, could not be more proud of her 🥹 She is simply the best!

All the babies are healthy and with full bellies, enjoying all the attention from mum and human family 🥰

It is a miracle to see them coming and growing and changing so quickly, even showing some character already! 😎💤🍽️😈😇

Big thanks to my mentor and founder of the kennel Cornelia Loest for always being on the phone to answer all the questions and for support throughout this journey! 🙏❤️

Here are some pictures of Tina’s and Pike’s babies at 3 days.

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